We're Open! Come on in!
3347 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

Sun - Thr: 11am - 9pm  |  Fri - Sat: 11am - 2am

MAC’D is a fast-casual build-your-own mac & cheese concept that empowers you to get creative. We believe that “why not?” is always more fun than “why?” when it comes to trying new mac combinations. With us, you’ll be encouraged to play with your food: it’s your mac, your rules.

MAC’D fully believes that mac doesn't have to taste like what you ate in Grandma's kitchen. We empower you to channel your inner cheese artist to make your mac whatever you want it to be. Garlic? Of course. Bacon? Hell yeah. Chorizo, kimchi, tri-tip, cauliflower, or sriracha? We're not going to stop you. You dream it, we'll mix it, and if that means making it taste like Grandma's then that's cool with us too.


Interested in having us cater your work event or set up a pop-up? Send us a message and we'll get back to you! 

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MAC’D is a fast-casual concept dreamed up by the boyishly charming duo of Chen-Chen and Jason, Bay Area natives with their hearts deeply rooted in SF. They firmly believe that mac and cheese is a magical cure-all to bad days and hangovers alike. Together, they’re pursuing their big cheesy dreams, and they’re excited to bring their love of mac to the Marina and the city they love.