We're bringing you custom mac and cheese, with ingredients that don't come out of a box. Choose your pasta, pick your favorite cheese sauce, add as many toppings as you'd like, and we'll pan cook your mac right in front of you. Want it baked? We'll top it off with some toasted bread crumbs and finish it off for you in the oven. It's pure ooey-gooey goodness that won't drain your time or your budget.

Mix & Mac fully believes that mac doesn't have to taste like what you ate in Grandma's kitchen. We empower you to channel your inner cheese artist to make your mac whatever you want it to be. Garlic? Of course. Bacon? Hell yeah. Chorizo, kimchi, adobo, cauliflower, or sriracha? We're not going to stop you. You dream it, we'll mix it, and if that means making it taste like Grandma's then that's cool with us too.

Mix & Mac is a fast-casual concept dreamed up by the eclectic and boyishly charming duo of Jason Brown and Chen-Chen Huo. They firmly believe that mac and cheese is a magical cure-all to bad days and hangovers alike. Incredibly and irreparably single, both have since realized that only mac and cheese loves them unconditionally and wants the best for them. Mix & Mac is their journey to share their love of mac and cheese to the rest of the world in an unique, affordable, and satisfying fashion.